About Us,
Elbert and Ruth Hutchcraft, my grandparents, owned and operated the farm at it’s current location from about 1927.  Elbert loved horses but was glad to see the arrival of his first tractor, a B Farmall, which he used for many years to raise wheat, corn, and soy beans. Elbert died in 1977 and Ruth in 1984.  They were true Christians and taught me the importance of serving God, helped send me to college, and played a significant role in my life.  I owe them so much and I am reminded daily of their love for me as I now live on their farm.  Red Top Farms was founded in 2002 by Timothy O. Britton.  In 2002 Tim Britton retired from a long career with the State of Illinois and began exploring his lifelong dream of Farm life and Horses.

Tim Britton is a proud member of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder’s and Exhibitor’s Association (TWHBEA) and serves on the TWHBEA Administrative and Fiscal Audit Sub-Committee. redTop Farms is located in Southern Illinois – a great place to live and a fantastic place to visit.  Please contact us with questions about any aspect of our business.  We’re always happy to hear from fellow horse lovers.

Home of Fine Tennessee Walking Horses
redTop Farms of Southern Illinois